POSTED: October 17 2016 12:49:05. By Phil Hesketh - Typhoon 3-5 De La Salle Hawks

Well Typhoon started like a train against De La Salle Hawks. A great Cole pass was finished off by Jamie and when he added a second things were looking really promising. However Hawks aren't getting promoted for nothing and they managed to halve the deficit by half time. For the first 10 minutes Jamie was unplayable, leading the line and bringing the wingers into the game. DLS equalised shortly into the second half but Ronan netted his first of the season to put us back in front. Unfortunately things went pretty much down hill from here as DLS got on top and put us under a lot of pressure. We showed a weakness from corners where we conceded 3 goals, so that's something for us to work on but the boys could hold their heads up high, if they play like this they'll win more than they lose. Man of the match was Milonga who put in a tremendous stint at the back. One great covering tackle brought praise from the opposition manager. The boy he tackled usually sprints away from defenders but Milonga covered him and waited for the perfect moment to get his challenge in.

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