POSTED: November 08 2016 12:57:55. By Phil Hesketh - "You will end me" P Latham 5th Nov '16

Typhoon 6-4 Ladybridge Lions
well you certainly can't complain about the entertainment factor in our recent cup games.
We started badly in what's becoming a worrying trait and found ourselves two down after barely kicking the ball. However goals for Dan and Jamie got us back to 2-3 by half time. The boys kicked into gear in the second half, pressurising the opposition and scored three goals through Cole and two for Jamie bringing up our first hat trick of the season. Lions got the score back to 5-4 and we seemed to panic, losing the ability to tackle or kick the ball further than a foot, though the atrocious conditions didn't help and can only be expected to worsen. The Lions piled on the pressure and cometh the hour, Peter went diving in where the boots were flailing and somehow kept his goal intact through several scrambles. A final, decisive break ended with a fine Cole goal and settled shredded nerves.
It was a good win in the end against a decent side and the boys all battled hard. What we need to do is concentrate for the full 50 minutes and play more to our potential.
Peter pipped Jamie for the man of the match for his fearless goalkeeping.

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