POSTED: March 13 2017 13:41:35. By Phil Hesketh - Swinton Jrs Cobras 3-0 Typhoon

A disappointing result in the Supplementary Cup for the team this Saturday. We started out brightly and played some very nice football throughout the game but we failed to take our chances. Pete will be taking shooting practice this Tuesday!
We have struggled against opposition star players this season and did so again for at least two of the goals. Their third goal was very disappointing, we'd worked in training on keeping eyes on the ball at all times when defending, however one dummy shot saw two defenders turn away. Obviously something that needs more work.
I won't go into detail on their second goal, all those who saw it know what happened and I'll get in trouble if I complain in black and white. The timing of it couldn't have been worse for us either.
However, there were good points:
Peter pulled off some great saves, there were some nice passing moves and a great pass from Daniel to Cole that sliced open their defence. We are showing real improvement in that department. Last word goes to Man of the Match Ronan. He put in a much improved performance, beating players and getting down the line, some intelligent layoffs and getting his head up.
We take this one on the chin and look forward to next Saturday.

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