POSTED: February 20 2017 12:44:37. By Phil Hesketh - Typhoon 2-5 Barr Hill Clubs

A pretty harsh lesson for the boys this week. We set off playing some great football and made a hatful of chances. In particular Joseph was cutting in from the left and crossing to Cole but the ball just wouldn't sit down for him to get a really good shot off. But after all that pressure we went in two down after providing no cover and allowing their star man to break through and score a brace. I thought Peter was really unlucky with the second as it took a nasty bounce off our beautiful pitch. The heads went down for a little in the second half and I feared the worst as they turned the screws on us and I was thankful when Cole got us on the score sheet. We still created chances, Daniel, Joseph and Harley all having a go. We saved the best 'til last and Milonga, who had worked like a Trojan all game, got his just rewards smashing it home from outside the box for his first of the season and another man of the match award.

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