POSTED: February 13 2017 13:16:42. By Phil Hesketh - Winton JFC Blue 1-3 Typhoon

A welcome return to winning ways for the boys.
This was always likely to be a banana skin for us due to the unavailability of Jamie, Joseph and Ronan. The boys knew they'd have to play the full 50 minutes but, possibly helped by the game at Old Trafford, they all managed really well and are back to the stamina levels we saw before Christmas.
Cole was asked to play upfront and responded magnificently and was unlucky only to have one goal to his name in the first half. The boys were playing really well, getting their heads up and passing intelligently. Possibly as they tired towards the end of the half, we were punished when the defence made their one mistake with Peter given no chance.
I was concerned at half time only coming in level after dominating the game but fears were relaxed as Cole added his second shortly after the break. We continued to play good football and dominate the game though towards the end we were pushed back by some long balls from Winton.
Freddie added a third to cap a man of the match performance, though Cole came mighty close. Milonga also put in a great shift, commanding as ever at the back.
Winton don't put as much pressure on us than the likes of Old Trafford and Pete and I were delighted that the boys used this time to look to pass the ball. The referee congratulated the team at the end of the game, though he does want us to work on keeping throw ins legal.

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