POSTED: April 10 2017 07:57:24. By Phil Hesketh - Typhoon 6 - 1 Winton Blue

What a lovely way to spend a beautiful Saturday morning.
After our last game I was pretty confident for this one and then with Jamie opening his account in the first minute we were always on top.
Congratulations must go to Ronan for a fantastic four goal feast. Being in the right place at the right time is a great habit to have and you could see his confidence growing as the match wore on.
This was a very good performance by the boys, Milonga and Harry won every 50:50 at the back and the boys are now getting their heads up and passing into space. Their right back was their best player, so time and again the ball was going down our right flank where Cole and Daniel were destroying their left back. Against lesser teams that don't put too much pressure on us, we can play some lovely football and I'm delighted to see a massive improvement in the passing over the last couple of months. What they have to work on is maintaining the same quality against tougher opposition. Much of that is confidence and a few more performances like this will go a long way to that.
Their goalie played very well to keep it down to 6 (Jamie winning and scoring a pen) and it was a shame Freddie couldn't manage his birthday goal, he was certainly going for it, but nothing to spoil a lovely start to the weekend.

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