POSTED: September 12 2017 17:15:48. By Graham Rothwell - Saturday Morning Team History

Beechfield United's Manchester Saturday Morning Football League (MSMFL) team started out as one of Beechfield's junior football teams. Following a successful final season 2007/2008 as an U16 junior team, where they won the Supplementary Cup, they moved into senior football and decided on the MSMFL as their new challenge.
Their first season saw them struggle to adapt to the more physical standard. However in the 2nd season Beechy came 3rd in the 2nd division and narrowly missed out on promotion.

The following season 2010/2011 saw Beechy develop into a very good team, they won the 2nd division and were runners up in the MEN Cup. In the 2011/2012 season they came 2nd in the 1st Division and won the MEN Cup.

In season 2012/2013 they won the 1st Division and the Steeles Shield, 12 months later 2013/2014 they retained the 1st Division title, in season 2014/2015 they won the title for the 3rd year in succession and were runners up in the Steeles Shield.

Season 2015/2016 was the first season for a few years that Beechy didn't manage to win anything, coming 3rd in the league and losing out in the Semi Final of the MEN Cup.

As we get ready for the new season Beechy are looking to get back to winning trophies!!!

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