Manager - Nathan Hawthorne
Assistant - Shaun chase Scott Wood _____________________________

Formed - 2014
Contact -
Nathan: 07736887308

Current League -


Home Fixtures - Beechfarm playing fields
Training Venue - Beechfarm/Moorside High
Time - Tuesdays 6-7
Next Fixture - 03/11/2018 @ 11:00 U12s LIGHTNING v U12s Winton gladiators
Pitch #

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The Team

  1.Lucas Wood (GK)

  3.Leo Gradwell

  4.Patrick-Pio tifu

  6.Liam Peers (C)

  7.Matthew Corry

  8.Josh Harris (VC)

  9.David Oludoyi

  10.Zane Davies

  11.Joel Idusuyi

  12.Jake Barrington

  13.Kyle Stafford

  14.Daniel Williams

READ MORE ... May 30 2019 13:47:15. By Nathan Hawthorne - Winton blues away

Our final game of a very exciting season...


READ MORE ... May 30 2019 13:41:42. By Nathan Hawthorne - Swinton away (league)

A superb performance from the lads.. 2-0 victory consolidated 2nd place in the league with one very winnable game left.. Second half goals from David and Joel gave us the vital 3 points.. Well done lads


READ MORE ... May 06 2019 22:18:31. By Nathan Hawthorne - Player of the month

September -Dan Williams


READ MORE ... May 06 2019 22:14:06. By Nathan Hawthorne - Swinton home (league)

Well here we are, after 5 years growing this team from a few 7 year old kids. losing a few and gaining more along the way. And with only a couple left in the squad from the beginning we have our final competitive match on Beechfarm. And what better way to finish than against our old enemy Swinton..W


READ MORE ... May 02 2019 09:25:05. By Nathan Hawthorne - Prestwich away (cup)

Today's game against Prestwich tigers is always a tough game and an exciting one and it didn't disappoint. With the coaches all away Ben and Scott took the reigns for the game. Trying a different formation due to injury to goal keeper woody, Jake went in goal first half and Joel for the second they


READ MORE ... April 10 2019 11:14:05. By Nathan Hawthorne - Boothstown away (cup)

Another cup game and another tricky tie.. After 2 defeats in 2 games so far we decided to just go for it. Nothing to lose according to our tactical genius Mr Chase, and to be fair it really worked.


READ MORE ... April 10 2019 10:54:08. By Nathan Hawthorne - Winton cup (home)

Final score 3-12


READ MORE ... March 31 2019 21:17:26. By Nathan Hawthorne - Abraham moss away (friendly)

No scheduled fixture this week so we arranged a friendly with a new side.. We didn't know what to expect and as it was on astro too who knows what could happen..From the start we looked good and the shape of the team was the best i've seen for a while. The back 3 of Leo,Liam and Kyle work so well to


READ MORE ... March 25 2019 22:25:54. By Nathan Hawthorne - Swinton away (Supp cup)

First of our cup games after a couple of postponements.Back at the lovely home of Swinton and their nice flat pitch.


READ MORE ... March 03 2019 16:15:47. By Nathan Hawthorne - Cadishead blacks away (league)

Back at Cadishead for the 2nd week running to face the newly formed team. With no wins from 7 games we expected a few goals against them so set out with an attacking formation from the start. The opposition were more organised than we thought and had a couple of decent players, and it took us a whil


READ MORE ... February 28 2019 21:20:41. By Nathan Hawthorne - Cadishead red away (league)

We started with an attacking formation, playing just Leo and Liam in front of Woody. It took us a while to find our rhythm but once we did some of the football was great. Dan was having plenty of the ball and it was him who opened the scoring. David and Joel who had both come on after being late due


READ MORE ... February 19 2019 05:04:23. By Nathan Hawthorne - Deans home (league)

Deans bottom of the league, easy 3 points we thought. But after a Div 1 team folded Deans got 4 new players. ( must of all been defenders and a keeper).


READ MORE ... January 29 2019 21:27:55. By Nathan Hawthorne - Swinton Away (league)

Our home fixture with Swinton was moved to their pitch due to weather. Luckily we managed to swerve playing on Astro but instead found a pitch with a 40% gradient. We won the toss and decided to attack up the slope first half hoping it would benefit 2nd half.. The game was quite even and a real batt


READ MORE ... January 15 2019 17:14:56. By Nathan Hawthorne - Ladybridge away (League)

First game back after the Christmas break, the game was played on 4G and straight away that had us concerned as our record on that surface is abysmal.. Sure enough we were proven right, some of the lads looked like they were still on holiday.. We just never got going, the passing was off, we were la


READ MORE ... January 15 2019 16:44:30. By Nathan Hawthorne - Winton home (league)

A very tough fixture, our squad was down to the bare bones through lads being away and a couple of injuries. Winton are unbeaten in the league and have a big squad of players, in windy conditions and playing into the slope the first half was always going to be very difficult.. We faced a lot of pres


READ MORE ... December 10 2018 19:25:08. By Nathan Hawthorne - Prestwich tigers away

Lots of rain meant this fixture was pushed to a 4G pitch. Another very tricky opponent who made us work hard for a victory last time out.. We actually started the game off quite well and were knocking the ball about with confidence. Some good work from David down the when he squared the ball for Jak


READ MORE ... December 03 2018 15:19:52. By Nathan Hawthorne - Boothstown home (league)

A big match today and a chance to make right the poor performance and result from our first game and only loss of the season.. We emphasised how important it was to get a good start but by the looks of it so did Boothstown. To be fair they were all over us for 10/15 mins and our midfield were gettin


READ MORE ... November 27 2018 04:04:21. By Nathan Hawthorne - Prestwich Dragons (league)

After last weeks shenanigans, today was more about playing as a team and encouraging each other.. Trying to get that team spirit back. I think we're trying to find that balance of not being too soft but also not going too far. The first half wasn't a great spectacle, Beechy having more of the play a


READ MORE ... November 19 2018 20:45:49. By Nathan Hawthorne - Urmston @home (friendly)

A nice test for us against a new opponent. We knew nothing about Urmston but then they knew nothing about us.. We started off on the front foot, and it was us who looked the higher league team.. Dan started the game great and was causing problems down the right with Jake looking dangerous on the lef


READ MORE ... November 10 2018 22:44:16. By Nathan Hawthorne - Winton blues (league)

Back to league action and we stressed to the team we needed to start off matches better, and with Jake earning a starting place after last week's heroics it wasn't long before he was back on the scoresheet. The lively Matthew has been growing more into his new midfield role every week, and after win


READ MORE ... November 03 2018 15:15:08. By Nathan Hawthorne - Winton Gladiators (cup)

A tough draw for us in the challenge cup, Winton had won every game so far this season so we had to be on our game.. Unfortunately we weren't, especially in the first 15 mins. Winton raced in to a 2 goal lead with some lively play, but we didn't help ourselves defensively. Not strong enough in the t


READ MORE ... October 29 2018 21:04:00. By Nathan Hawthorne - Prestwich Tigers (home)

This was an anticipated tough fixture as Tigers had won their last 5 matches. The first half proved us right as there wasn't much between the teams. Early on we looked in control and took the lead after Zane finished at the far post to get his first for the season. But soon after a bit of hesitancy


READ MORE ... October 21 2018 18:11:13. By Nathan Hawthorne - Prestwich Dragons away

Looking to build on last week's performance we came accross familiar opponents.. The game started off quite even and it was difficult for us early on as we had to attack into a very bright sunshine, the fact we managed to keep Prestwich out was due to some brilliant defending by our trusted back 3 a


READ MORE ... October 14 2018 17:50:15. By Nathan Hawthorne - Ladybridge home

It's been a while since we've faced ladybridge so we were unsure of their level.. Although we'd had plenty of rain and a match before us the pitch was in good condition...


READ MORE ... October 09 2018 17:38:34. By Nathan Hawthorne - Deans away

Restricted to 8 a side and 25mins each way, we had a big squad and plenty of rotation to give everyone plenty of game time.


READ MORE ... October 03 2018 12:52:29. By Nathan Hawthorne - Salford City Mascots

On Tuesday 25th September, the team were lucky enough to to lead the mighty Salford City FC on to the pitch.


READ MORE ... October 01 2018 13:10:59. By Nathan Hawthorne - Cadishead home

After last weeks disappointment we needed to get back to winning ways. We'd only played cadishead once before and got a big win so we felt confident.


READ MORE ... September 25 2018 05:21:57. By Nathan Hawthorne - Boothstown Away

Our first game of the new season saw us face a familiar opponent. We've had some great matches in the last couple of years and we fancied our chances on the quiet..


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