Manager - Nathan Hawthorne
Assistant - Shaun chase Scott Wood _____________________________

Formed - 2014
Contact -
Nathan: 07736887308

Current League -


Home Fixtures - Beechfarm playing fields
Training Venue - Beechfarm/Moorside High
Time - Tuesdays 6-7
Next Fixture - 27/01/2018 @ 11.00 U11s LIGHTNING v Prestwich fc
Pitch ##5

Team Sponsor - Howdens
The Team

  1.Lucas Wood (GK)

  3.Leo Gradwell

  4.Robert Harris

  5.Mikey Sylvester

  6.Liam Peers (C)

  7.Matthew Corry

  8.Josh Harris (VC)

  9.David Oludoyi

  10.Zane Davies

  11.Joel Idusuyi

  12.Demi Jones

  13.Kyle Stafford

  14.William Anderton

READ MORE ... July 05 2018 11:30:18. By Nathan Hawthorne - Player of the Year Awards

Players player of the year: Mikey Sylvester


READ MORE ... June 12 2018 16:54:33. By Nathan Hawthorne - Challenge 4 change

The team enjoyed a great day out.


READ MORE ... June 12 2018 15:31:51. By Nathan Hawthorne - Top Scorers

League and Cup games only :


READ MORE ... June 12 2018 14:53:00. By Nathan Hawthorne - Players of the month

December : Mikey Sylvester


READ MORE ... May 18 2018 13:52:54. By Nathan Hawthorne - Winton (friendly)

A nice evening for a friendly against an old foe. It's been a while since we've played Winton so didn't know what to expect..


READ MORE ... May 14 2018 09:18:33. By Nathan Hawthorne - Prestwich dragons

After some difficult fixtures recently it's nice to get a familiar face.


READ MORE ... May 09 2018 02:13:52. By Nathan Hawthorne - Maccabi away

So we lined up against maccabi, but their line up looked slightly different from last time.. Most notably one player who stood out from everyone else on the pitch. Definitely too good for this level.


READ MORE ... April 29 2018 15:28:19. By Nathan Hawthorne - Swinton cobra (away)

Not really the fixture we wanted after last week, but this is the level we're at now so we need to get used to it..


READ MORE ... April 23 2018 20:55:42. By Nathan Hawthorne - De La Salle (cup)

Not much to say about this.. The opposition started of really well and we were on the back foot straight from the start. 2-0 down inside 10 mins and on top of that we lost our captain to injury.. Will came on and to be honest we looked a bit more solid, although Della seemed to be a yard faster than


READ MORE ... April 17 2018 02:14:31. By Nathan Hawthorne - Maccabi phoenix (cup)

So we're back in action against another new opponent. Following our unlucky result in the last match we needed a win to stay in the cup.


READ MORE ... March 25 2018 23:04:12. By Nathan Hawthorne - Derby Day

So here we are, the game we've been waiting for.. After our recent good form this was the game where we would find out how far we had come. The pitch was looking good and there was a decent crowd supporting both teams. It just felt like a big game.


READ MORE ... March 20 2018 01:17:28. By Nathan Hawthorne - De la salle (cup)

We got our sup cup campaign underway against De la salle who we hadn't faced before.. It was a bitter cold morning, the wind was up and snow was in the air.. First half De la had the wind behind them and also the slope of the pitch and in the first minute after we gave away a cheap corner they were


READ MORE ... March 12 2018 08:58:35. By Nathan Hawthorne - Deans away (league)

What can i say about this team!!


READ MORE ... February 26 2018 10:35:15. By Nathan Hawthorne - Winton blues (home league)

A nice sunny but cold morning, and a hard and bumpy pitch. Yet again we had 4 subs so plenty of changes were made.


READ MORE ... February 18 2018 12:05:43. By Nathan Hawthorne - Prestwich tigers away (league)

Back in league action we faced Prestwich tigers away. We hadn't played these for a while but as we found out they are one of the better teams at this level. Apologies if these details aren't exact but I was always forget I need to do this, maybe I should start taking notes haha.


READ MORE ... February 05 2018 06:46:44. By Nathan Hawthorne - Deans (friendly)

Another cold and wet Saturday morning, but that didn't stop us getting a great turnout for the team. As our game had been cancelled earlier in the week we had a chance to book a 3G pitch early and thanks to Jonah for organising it.


READ MORE ... January 28 2018 11:32:12. By Nathan Hawthorne - Prestwich @home... League

So the rain held off just enough but the pitch wasn't great. Prestwich had beaten us recently in the cup and denied us a place in the next round so plenty of motivation for the team.


READ MORE ... January 15 2018 23:31:15. By Nathan Hawthorne - Boothstown away league

After what seems like forever we finally had a fixture not ruined by the weather. Boothstown is always a difficult and close game


READ MORE ... December 04 2017 11:27:50. By Nathan Hawthorne - Maccabi. Cup

Due to lack of players from the oppositon we agreed to reduce the match to 6-a side.


READ MORE ... November 21 2017 22:27:03. By Nathan Hawthorne - Prestwich home.. Cup

Second cup game for us and everyone was feeling confident after last weeks brilliant performance..


READ MORE ... November 12 2017 11:06:47. By Nathan Hawthorne - Winton blues away.. cup

WOW..... What a game and what a performance.


READ MORE ... November 07 2017 00:24:29. By Nathan Hawthorne - Winton away.. Cu



READ MORE ... October 22 2017 15:23:39. By Nathan Hawthorne - League V Deans Panthers

A chance to get back at Deans after the disappointing result a couple of weeks ago..


READ MORE ... October 15 2017 22:00:01. By Nathan Hawthorne - Cadishead away

Game 3 saw us face a new team, and an expected easy win.. First up it's very pleasing to see the whole squad turned up for a second week on the trot and meant competition is high for starting places in the team.


READ MORE ... October 09 2017 21:53:24. By Nathan Hawthorne - League V Deans

After defeat last time out we tried a new formation.Hopefully making us more solid and better defensively we went with 4 at the back and Josh sitting in front.


READ MORE ... September 25 2017 19:48:47. By Nathan Hawthorne - Boothstown clarets

So first game of the season and a good test for us against a team who we always seem to have good close matches against.


READ MORE ... September 17 2017 13:56:04. By Nathan Hawthorne - Prestwich (home)

An excellent first half performance where we dominated the game with some quality football, solid defending and great attacking.. Goals from Mikey,Matthew and David gave us a 6-1 lead at half time..


READ MORE ... September 04 2017 20:09:04. By Nathan Hawthorne - Swinton Friendly

Not much to say about this.. Swinton a much better team than us but that doesn't excuse the lack off effort and fight from the majority of our side.. Lucas had a decent first half and David worked hard alone upfont.. Josh Harris again showing everyone the level we need to be at with another superb p


READ MORE ... August 21 2017 22:23:37. By Nathan Hawthorne - Winton (friendly)

A good test for the team after losing against Winton a couple of weeks earlier.. After controlling the start we fell behind to there first attack, but we quickly got back in the game with 2 well taken goals from Joel. Another goal from Zane with a cool finish and one for Winton made it 3-2 at half t


READ MORE ... July 24 2017 14:42:02. By Nathan Hawthorne - Prestwich away 24/07/17

Sticking with our 3-2-3 formation we started positively and kept our shape well, some good football & possesion saw us take an early lead. A defence splitting pass put Joel through on goal and he slid it past the keeper for his first goal. More good play followed and the defence never looked in dang


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